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Nissan assembly plants One of the main enterprises in Europe that produces Almera is a plant located in England in the city of Sunderland. When shipyards and coal mines located in the north-east of Great Britain closed in the early 80s, and unemployment rose sharply, the then government decided to cooperate with Japan. Representatives of the Land of the Rising Sun did not fail by choosing an area with a well-developed infrastructure and rich industry. Nissan Motor Manufacturing in Sunderland employs 4,000 people and celebrated its first million vehicles in 2004.


In 1953, the Nissan Motors Workers Union, a new trade union organization, was created. This Union set as its goal the creation of modern relationships between workers and managers, based on the principle of mutual trust and respect. In 1958 Nissan Motor Co. began exporting passenger cars to the United States. In September of the same year, two Datsun 210s took part in the Australian Mobil Gas Trial Rally, one of the most difficult rallies in the world, and won the championship title in their class. Nissan was the first automobile manufacturer in Japan, in 1960 received the tenth "Prize of the Year" for excellence in industrial engineering. And throughout this period, Nissan has persistently built a strong organization as the foundation for rapid and successful growth in the future.

Im Laufe der Jahre hat sich Nissan einen guten Ruf als Hersteller hochwertiger Fahrzeuge und als Pionier bei der Entwicklung verschiedener Arten von Avantgarde-Technologien erworben. Um den Kraftstoffverbrauch zu verbessern, hat Nissan verschiedene Materialien entwickelt, um das Fahrzeuggewicht zu reduzieren, wie z. B. hochelastisches Stahlblech für Karosseriebleche, und fortschrittliche Motormanagementsysteme zur Steuerung des Verbrennungsprozesses entwickelt. Darüber hinaus war Nissan auch ein Pionier in der Entwicklung und Nutzung von CAD / CAM-Systemen (Systemen zum Entwerfen von Autos mit Computern und Industrierobotern). 1974 wurden 10.000 Nissan Patrol SUVs für das Jahr angekündigt. 1977 hat die kumulierte Produktion seit der Gründung von Nissan bereits 20 Millionen Einheiten überschritten.