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Almera This car brand belongs to budget models. The start of production dates back to 1995 and continues to this day. "Almera" is especially fond of our citizens, primarily for its accessibility, ease of operation and stylish design. Since 2012, the car has been assembled in Togliatti at AvtoVAZ, which did not serve him well. In the version of the domestic assembly, Almera lost a number of parts, so it was favorably distinguished on the market among other cars. At one time, this caused extreme indignation among buyers. In addition, Almera was held until 2013 in South Korea, and many Nissan customers preferred only this collection model.


The NPW program prescribes to study the needs of customers and, combining them with material capabilities, modernize production. Thanks to this program, the quality of products, regardless of where the manufacturing plant is located, always remains excellent, be it Spain, England, Russia or Japan itself. On the Japanese islands in Yokohama, the headquarters of the Nissan concern is located, design solutions are being developed in the capital of Great Britain, and the design and implementation of new Nissan models is being carried out at the English research center Cranfield. Factory facilities for assembling new cars are also located in the United Kingdom, in the city of Sunderland, its seaport, which is very convenient for deliveries to the USA and European countries.

1966 Toyota Corolla-Auto In den frühen 70er Jahren wurden die ersten Sportwagen in die Serie eingeführt - Celica 1970 und Supra 1978. Wie wir wissen, sind diese Autos heute Ikonen für viele Autoliebhaber. 1982 beginnt zusammen mit GM die Produktion von Corolla-Autos in Kalifornien. Dieses Ereignis hat wieder einmal deutlich gemacht, wie erfolgreich die Kaizen-Strategie ist.