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Murano The classic crossover comes from Japan or is assembled in Russia (at a factory in St. Petersburg). So the domestic consumer has a choice which Murano to take. The manufacturer claims that the car is in no way inferior to its competitor BMW X5, but it is much cheaper. Like it or not, everyone can evaluate independently. A little bit of history - you probably don't know, but the car was named after the island of Murano, which is located in Italy. Judging by the reviews, the car is quite popular in Russia and, in addition to everything, it is considered "fashionable".


Nissan - a triumphant conquest of the world On December 26, 1933, an event took place that entered the history of the development of the automotive industry, and became the birthday of the Nissan brand. Then the largest companies in Japan, Tobata / Imono and Nihon Sanyo, merged, and on June 1, 1934, this new Jidosha Seizo corporation announced its new name - Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. This company continued to produce cars "Datsun" of the predecessor company, only changing them, improving and modifying them.

Автоматический ткатский станок Сакиши Тойоды Молодой автомобилестроитель заручается поддержкой совета директоров компании отца и в 1931 году приступает к исследованиям двигателей американского производства с целью создать идеальный мотор для японского общества. Кииширо, как и его отец признавал только практику - путем многочисленных поломок и неудач велись поиски оптимальных решений.