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In 1999, at the Geneva Motor Show, a prototype of the new Almera Tino was presented, which in September 2002 went on sale in the European market. On March 27, 1999, Nissan and France's Renault SA signed an agreement to form a worldwide alliance to achieve profitable growth for both companies. The 2000 Fusion concept car, a variant of the popular Primera, is dedicated to the merger with Renault. Cedric / Gloria cars received the "Best Car 1999-2000" award. The Extroid CVT system received the 1999-2000 Technology Award. In the first quarter of 2000, Nissan launched the Tino Hybrid and the two-seater Hypermini.


Change in the course for the production of cars The money Sakishi received from the sale of the patent rights to his automatic looms was subsequently given to the young Kiishiro. The father bequeathed to his son not only to continue the business, but also to turn it into an enterprise for the creation of cars. Sakishi firmly believed that many years ago people would not be able to live without cars. Unfortunately, not many supported his idea. But this did not stop Kiishiro from using the proceeds from the sale of the patent to stock up on "foreign" cars, disassemble them for spare parts and study the automotive industry.

«Ниссан Мотор» (Nissan Jidosha Kk), японская промышленная корпорация специализирующаяся на выпуске легковых автомобилей, грузовиков и автобусов марки «Ниссан» (Nissan) и «Дацун» (Datsun). Выпускает также спортивные лодки, спутники связи и др. Штаб-квартира находится в Токио. Компания после азиатского кризиса 1998 объединилась с «Рено».