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And in 1933, in the history of the company, it was marked by the birth of a full-fledged department engaged in the production of cars, which was headed by Kiishiro himself. After a year of fruitful work, they showed the world an engine called "type A" based on the Chevrolet engine. It was he who was to become the basis for both cars and trucks of the brand.


Technology Center More than £63 million has been invested in Nissan's European Technology Centers in Belgium, Spain and the UK. The European Technology Center in Cranfield, UK is located at the heart of European automotive parts, ensuring close communication and synergy with its many European suppliers. In some areas, such as car security (anti-theft technology), Cranfield has become Nissan's global research center. Engineers from Brussels are involved in all stages of Nissan projects in Europe related to the development and development of vehicles.

In 1971, Nissan developed the first Experimental Safety Vehicle (ESV), using more technology than ever to improve its safety. The two energy crises of the 1970s set off a boom in exports of small Japanese cars known for their excellent fuel economy and superior quality. In fuel economy tests conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 1973, the Sunny won, thereby finding huge popularity in the US during the "Datsun saves" advertising campaign.