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Today, Nissan Motor Co. is a great example of a fast-growing company that builds its success on the principles of strong positioning and strategies, which are expressed in the company's global mission: to produce unique and innovative vehicles and services that represent the highest value for customers, employees, dealers and suppliers. At the end of April 2004, a new three-year Nissan Value-up business plan (Nissan: Increasing the Value) was made public, which came into force in April 2005.

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And in 1933, in the history of the company, it was marked by the birth of a full-fledged department engaged in the production of cars, which was headed by Kiishiro himself. After a year of fruitful work, they showed the world an engine called "type A" based on the Chevrolet engine. It was he who was to become the basis for both cars and trucks of the brand.

ЗАВОДЫ В ЕВРОПЕ Завод Ниссан в г. Сандерленде, Великобритания, где собираются Micra, Almera hatchback и Primera, считается самым эффективным автомобильным производством в Европе. Общая сумма инвестиций в этот завод площадью 3,035,000 кв.м. составила более 1,3 миллиарда фунтов стерлингов.