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At the end of 2002, Nissan Motor Co. announced the development of a seat belt that tightens already at the time of hard braking. It is designed to cushion the impact in the event of a collision. this new restraint system determines the moment of a possible collision based on the force of the driver's brake application and pretensioning the belt to protect the driver. If an accident is unavoidable, the seat belt limiter helps maximize the effectiveness of the car's other safety systems. This system will be used in the new luxury model, which will appear on the market in 2003-2004.


History of the birth of Nissan Corporation The DAT car had a 10 hp two-cylinder engine. The name of the car has become ambiguous - after all, in Japanese the word "DAT" means "motor, live". The creators of the car did not stop there, and in 1915 a new car model "DAT-31" was released, and the model "DAT-41" was released in 1916. Thanks to the success associated with the release of successful cars, in 1916 the Kwaishinsha Co. joined the Lila company, and as a result of the merger, a large industrial corporation was formed, which began to work already in Osaka. Basically, this industrial enterprise was engaged in the development and production of large trucks, as required by the realities of the time.

Having changed the appearance, Japanese designers gave it some kind of avant-garde style, making it not as original as in the former Almera, and the car began to resemble the Volkswagen Passat B5 with the same optics structure, hood and radiator grill shape. Despite the impression made by such a change in appearance, the style is still true to its classic forms, which Russian motorists liked so much. Russian production facilities In 2009, our country opened the Nissan Manufacturing Rus enterprise, which produces models of the Nissan concern, which are in good demand in the Russian market. The plant is located near the village of Shushary near St. Petersburg and specializes only in the production of Teana, X-Trail and Murano.