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Pensions will be doubled: A draft law has been submitted to the State Duma more In the 1960s, the company made a powerful breakthrough and penetrated all markets, primarily the American one (models were created based on the American consumer). The sporty Nissan Datsun 240 Z (1969), created for sale in the United States, after being adapted to European markets, became the bestseller in its class. In 1960, a new model, the Nissan Cedric, was developed. The Cedric is a mid-size car, the result of a huge effort by the company. At the time, Japan's largest mid-size car, the model featured a spacious interior and comfortable handling that was typical of large sedans. At the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Nissan Cedric was chosen as the vehicle that carried the Olympic Flame from Greece to Japan.


In 1974, 10,000 Nissan Patrol SUVs were announced for the year. In the late 1970s, the company established itself in the off-road vehicle market. In 1981, Nissan began promoting its vehicles worldwide under the Nissan brand as part of the company's new corporate strategy. Then in the 80s. Nissan has established two strategic manufacturing bases overseas: in 1980, Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp., USA in the US and in 1984, Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited in the UK. The first Datsun pickup truck rolled off the assembly line at Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp., USA in June 1983, the first Sentra (Sunny) in March 1985.

В 1974 году было объявлено о продаже 10 000 внедорожников Nissan Patrol за год. В конце 1970-х годов компания утвердилась на рынке внедорожных автомобилей. В 1981 году Nissan начал продвижение своих автомобилей по всему миру под маркой Nissan, что стало частью новой корпоративной стратегии компании. Затем в 80-х гг. Nissan создал две стратегические производственные базы за рубежом: в 1980 году - Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp., USA в США и в 1984 - Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited в Великобритании. Первый пикап Datsun сошел с конвейера завода Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp., USA в июне 1983 года, первый автомобиль Sentra (Sunny) - в марте 1985.