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С 1950 года компания Nissan запустила разработку и производство двигателей для ракет, установок для их запуска. Вскоре, в связи с успешным производством, компания взяла на себя также производство двигателей для кораблей. В 1958 году компания Nissan стала поставлять свои автомобили и двигатели в США. В 1964 году компания Nissan уже вошла в десятку крупнейших компаний - импортеров в США. С


An important feature of Sakishi's approach was that he learned by trial and error. Thus, he managed to know the whole wrong side of the case in which he was engaged. He was convinced that the industry of the then Japan needed continuous development. These beliefs led to the fact that he created his future company according to the philosophy of "Kaizen", which means "a continuous path to excellence."

Toyota vehicles It should be noted that the only year when Toyota suffered losses was just 2009. But this did not prevent the Japanese auto giant from breaking into the automobile Olympus already in 2012, overtaking Volkswagen and GM at the end of the year. By this time, Toyota had built its factories in most of the developed automotive countries around the world. Russia was no exception. In 2007, a new plant of the company was launched in the village of Shushary near St. Petersburg.