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At the end of 2002, Nissan Motor Co. announced the development of a seat belt that tightens already at the time of hard braking. It is designed to cushion the impact in the event of a collision. this new restraint system determines the moment of a possible collision based on the force of the driver's brake application and pretensioning the belt to protect the driver. If an accident is unavoidable, the seat belt limiter helps maximize the effectiveness of the car's other safety systems. This system will be used in the new luxury model, which will appear on the market in 2003-2004.


It all started in 1914 with the release of the GAO car, 20 years before the company was named Nissan. The name GAO was derived from the first letters of the names of the three founders of the company, at the same time it means "motor, live" in Japanese. Then this name was transformed into Datsun (son of Date) in 1931 and later, in 1934, into Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. In 1950, Nissan began the development and production of vehicles for foreign markets. This business developed rapidly: in 1960, Nissan Motor Corporation was established in the United States, in 1966, the first Nissan automobile plant outside Japan began operating in Mexico, and in 1980, production facilities in Europe and the United States were opened.

Сегодня в мире трудно найти человека, который бы не слышал названия «Тойота». И это не удивительно. Прошло уже более ста лет с того момента, как глава семьи Тойода - Сакиши Тойода приступил к разработке своего первого станка для ткацкого дела. Этот момент стал переломным как для семьи, так и для всей Японии.