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Jitsuyo Jidosha Co. Ltd., ein weiterer Vorläufer von Nissan, wurde 1919 in Osaka gegründet und produzierte ein vom amerikanischen Ingenieur William R. Gorham entworfenes Dreirad im Gorham-Stil. Das Unternehmen beschäftigte sich mit dem Import von Werkzeugmaschinen, Komponenten und Materialien aus den Vereinigten Staaten und wurde so als eine der modernsten Automobilfabriken anerkannt. 1926 fusionierte die Kwaishinsha Co.. und Jitsuyo Jidosha Co. und Dat Jidosha Seizo Co. wurde gegründet, die 1931 eine Abteilung von Tobata Casting wurde, die zuvor von Herrn Aikawa gegründet worden war.


Over the years, Nissan has maintained a high reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality vehicles and a pioneer in the creation of various kinds of avant-garde technologies. In order to improve fuel economy, Nissan has created various materials to reduce vehicle weight, such as highly elastic sheet steel for body panels, and has developed advanced engine management systems to control the combustion process. In addition, Nissan has also been a pioneer in the development and use of CAD / CAM systems (systems for designing cars using computers and industrial robots). In 1974, 10,000 Nissan Patrol SUVs were announced for the year. In 1977, the cumulative production of which since the founding of Nissan has already exceeded 20 million units.

Micra The Micra car, of course, is not for everybody. In Russia, the model is not in great demand. However, at the same time, it is the absolute champion among Nissan cars in terms of sales worldwide, as it belongs to the European compact class. Small, compact and incredibly economical, the machine is made in the UK and Japan. Just like the previous model, this machine is very popular with the female. In Japan, this car is known as the Nissan March. The design of the car was developed by Japan, and the interior of the European design studio.