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Qashqai And Qashqai is an unconditional participant in the sales ratings of all crossovers sold in Russia and always occupies the top lines. Since 2007, more than 2 million units of this model have been sold in our country. The manufacturer is closely monitoring that the trend for high sales continues and therefore constantly stirs up interest in the car. Every few years, the Qashqai undergoes a “tuning” or completely changes generations. Sometimes the changes seem imperceptible, and sometimes they change the car a lot. However, car market experts note that with each new version, the car becomes: larger (overall dimensions become slightly wider and longer) more comfortable more practical Nissan Qashqai is held only in the UK, and only in the version with a gasoline engine. Therefore, the domestic motorist does not have to choose especially. On the one hand, this is good - the British collection is quite high quality. On the other hand, the localization of production could lead to a reduction in cost.


1987 brachte Nissan das Auto Be-1 auf den Markt. 1988 gewann der Nissan Silvia Q den „Grand Prix for Best Design“ und im Jahr darauf die Auszeichnung „Japanese Car of 88-89“. Im selben Jahr wurde die Cima-Limousine auf den japanischen Markt gebracht. Im April 1989 wurde in Holland die Nissan Europe NV gegründet, die regionale Zentrale, die für den Betrieb in Europa verantwortlich ist, sowie die Nissan Distribution Service (Europe) BV Im selben Jahr wurde in den Vereinigten Staaten eine Division von Nissan gegründet, die Infiniti Division von Nissan North America, die Luxusautos produziert, die mit Mercedes, BMW und Lexus konkurrieren. Im November 1989 erschien das berühmte Modell Infiniti Q45 auf dem Markt.

In 1974, 10,000 Nissan Patrol SUVs were announced for the year. In the late 1970s, the company established itself in the off-road vehicle market. In 1981, Nissan began promoting its vehicles worldwide under the Nissan brand as part of the company's new corporate strategy. Then in the 80s. Nissan has established two strategic manufacturing bases overseas: in 1980, Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp., USA in the US and in 1984, Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited in the UK. The first Datsun pickup truck rolled off the assembly line at Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp., USA in June 1983, the first Sentra (Sunny) in March 1985.