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Nissan is capable of producing more than 400,000 vehicles annually in Europe. Plants in the UK and Spain now meet two-thirds of Nissan's needs in Europe. Micra, Almera hatchback, Almera Tino, Primera, Serena, Terrano II, Vanette Cargo and trucks are produced here. Nissan plans to further increase the number of models produced in Europe. Beginning in 2000, about 90% of all Nissan vehicles sold in Europe will roll off assembly lines at plants in Spain and the UK. Nissan's plant in Sunderland, UK, where the Micra, Almera hatchback and Primera are assembled, is considered the most efficient car manufacturing facility in Europe. The total investment in this plant with an area of 3,035,000 sq. m. amounted to more than 1.3 billion pounds.


Allgemeine Informationen zu Nissan-Fahrzeugen Vor dem Kauf eines neuen Autos dieser Marke stellt fast jeder eine faire Frage: „Wo wird Nissan für Russland produziert?“ In der Tat ist der Kauf eines Autos für unseren Verbraucher ein sehr wichtiger Schritt, der eine sorgfältige Vorbereitung und Sammlung aller Informationen erfordert. Zunächst sollten Sie wissen, dass es weltweit nur 8 Fabriken gibt, die Nissan-Geräte herstellen, und 2 davon befinden sich in Russland. Aber der Reihe nach.

Since 2013, Almera Classic has been assembled at the Volzhsky plant in Togliatti. After the opening of Classic production at the AvtoVAZ concern, many motorists, knowing the build quality at domestic enterprises, assumed that cars would be produced with flaws. But our engineers were able to reverse this idea by performing better drafting than their English counterparts from Sunderland. They even developed some changes that helped Almera Classic adapt to Russian road realities. conclusion All cars produced by the Japanese concern Nissan are beautiful and unusual cars. Even simple budget models are distinguished by excellent design, good comfort and high-quality material. This became possible thanks to the company's pricing policy, which keeps its price tags lower than those of competing firms. The Nissan Almera Classic, made especially for Russia, is distinguished by its technical excellence and high-quality assembly.