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Объединение двух мощных гигантов Nissan и Renault на пике кризиса в 1999 году послужило толчком к экономическому росту, и рейтинги корпорации заслуженно поднимались неуклонно вверх. Этому сопутствовали новые программы, которые были внедрены вовремя и грамотно. Они дали концерна с минимальными потерями пережить кризис. Программа (Nissan Production Way) - стержень всего производственного процесса. Будучи своеобразным набором правил для сотрудников концерна, она приказывает доводить до совершенства производство каждого авто. Эта программа интегрирует возможности материалов, оборудования и человеческих ресурсов, представляя потребителю интересующей для него продукцию.

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Since 1997, Nissan has produced one model after another, equipped with direct injection gasoline engines and direct injection diesel engines (Presage in 1998). Nissan has also been actively expanding the use of the HYPER CVT continuously variable transmission, which provides greater fuel economy. In 1997, Nissan began selling Primera and Bluebird vehicles with Hyper CVT. In 1998, the updated \u200b\u200bPrimera was launched on the market and was immediately recognized by the European New Cars Assessment Program as the safest car in the event of an accident. In the same year, the Nissan team became the only one that performed adequately in the difficult 24-hour Le Mans rally in 10 positions in all 4 cars. In 1998, a new Patrol GR appeared with a 2.8-liter 6-cylinder turbodiesel engine.

Russia confidently enters the top three countries, among all sales in the world market of the automaker. And, of course, that our citizens are interested in the question - where is Nissan assembled for Russia and how high-quality this or that equipment is. Among the models loved by our motorists, it is worth highlighting: Qashqai, Almera, Note, Murano, XT rail, Teana, Navara, Juke, GT-R, etc. In addition to passenger cars, Nissan also produces commercial models that are less in demand. In the domestic market, Cabstar and HP-300 have proven themselves well. Some of the models listed above are assembled in Russia. But the share of cars produced in our country does not exceed 30%. Basically, the cars are delivered from abroad.