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For decades, the production of automobiles has moved in parallel with the tire industry. The rapid progress in the development of new technologies and materials has made it possible to create tires with different characteristics and purposes. One of these features of car tires is seasonality. Tires are divided into summer, winter and all-weather. Winter tires are designed to operate at low temperatures, so they are made from a flexible and soft rubber compound. The tread of such tires has a larger number of sipes (narrow slots in the tread pattern). Thanks to them, good grip with the road surface is ensured, which is especially important in winter on snow or ice.


In 1999, at the Geneva Motor Show, a prototype of the new Almera Tino was presented, which in September 2002 went on sale in the European market. On March 27, 1999, Nissan and France's Renault SA signed an agreement to form a worldwide alliance to achieve profitable growth for both companies. The 2000 Fusion concept car, a variant of the popular Primera, is dedicated to the merger with Renault. Cedric / Gloria cars received the "Best Car 1999-2000" award. The Extroid CVT system received the 1999-2000 Technology Award. In the first quarter of 2000, Nissan launched the Tino Hybrid and the two-seater Hypermini.

Im Jahr 2002 wurde Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. und die Dongfeng Motor Corporation unterzeichneten eine strategische Partnerschaftsvereinbarung in China. Jede Partei wird eine 50-prozentige Beteiligung an dem neuen Unternehmen besitzen, das neben der vollständigen Produktpalette von Nissan auch Dongfeng-Busse, Lastwagen und Nutzfahrzeuge produzieren wird. Dongfeng und Nissan beabsichtigen gemeinsam in einem Joint Venture, das erste chinesisch-japanische Unternehmen zu werden, das eine Reihe von Lastkraftwagen, Nutzfahrzeugen und Personenkraftwagen produziert. Das neue Unternehmen erhielt den Namen Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.