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Nissan has subsidiaries in Australia, Peru, Mexico, the United States and Germany. Nissan is one of the leading and oldest car manufacturers in the world. With factories in 20 countries on all five continents, the company sells almost three million vehicles annually in 170 countries. In 1912, partners Dan, Aoyama and Takkeuchi founded the Waishnsha Motor Car Tokio company in Japan. In 1914, the GAO car was released, the name GAO was derived from the first letters of the names of the three founders of the company, at the same time it meant "motor, live" in Japanese. Then this name was transformed into Datsun (son of Date) in 1931 and later, in 1934, into Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


С 1950 года компания Nissan запустила разработку и производство двигателей для ракет, установок для их запуска. Вскоре, в связи с успешным производством, компания взяла на себя также производство двигателей для кораблей. В 1958 году компания Nissan стала поставлять свои автомобили и двигатели в США. В 1964 году компания Nissan уже вошла в десятку крупнейших компаний - импортеров в США. С

In 1988, the Nissan Silvia Q won the "Grand Prix for Best Design" and the following year it won the "Japanese Car of 88-89" award. In the same year, the Cima sedan was released to the Japanese market. In April 1989, Nissan Europe NV was established in Holland, the regional head office responsible for operations in Europe, as well as Nissan Distribution Service (Europe) BV In the same year, a division of Nissan, the Infiniti Division of Nissan North America, was created in the United States, producing luxury cars that compete with Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. In November 1989, the famous Infiniti Q45 model appeared on the market. In 1990, Nissan North America, Inc. was established in the United States as a regional head office to oversee North American operations. That same year, the 300ZX won the 1990 Imported Car award in the US. In November 1990, Nissan acquired a stake in Siam Motors Co., Ltd., (Thailand). In the same year, the Nissan R390 GT1 sports car achieved fifth place in the Le Mans Rally, the highest of any Japanese manufacturer participating in this serious competition.