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Во всем мире широко известна знаменитая эмблема Ниссан традиционных красного, синего и белого цветов, где красный круг символизирует восходящее солнце и искренность, синий цвет - небо, а имя Ниссан пишется белым. Эта эмблема выражает девиз Ниссана - "Искренность приносит успех». Но время не стоит на месте. Ниссан разработал новый дизайн эмблемы, которая соединила в себе традиции и современные технологии автомобилестроения.


The car engine had a guarantee for 2 years of operation or 30,000 kilometers. The chassis did not require lubrication for 30,000 kilometers. The materials used for the manufacture of ball bearings repelled dirt and dust, which increased the durability of parts. For this, the car received the highest "Technical Award from the Society of Automobile Manufacturers". Subsequently, in February 1965, the Skyline 2000GT-B was released. Despite the fact that the model was positioned as a sports car, the Skyline 2000GT-B became a mass car, providing high sales volumes. Standard equipment included three Italian-made Weber-type carburetors with the best performance in the world. Even experienced drivers could not fail to appreciate the excellent performance of the car. The popular model Skyline S54B won the Rally in Japan and won all the tours without exception, beating all the most famous foreign sports car analogues.

On October 18, 1999, Nissan announced the Company Recovery Plan (NRP), a comprehensive reorganization plan designed to achieve the company's long-term profitable growth at a global level. The goals and objectives of the Nissan Recovery Plan were met ahead of schedule, by the end of fiscal year 2000. Thanks to the Nissan Renaissance Plan, strong steps have been taken to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of products, while reducing costs and debt. In addition, in 2000, Nissan began selling the ultra-small EV Hypermini and the ultra-low emission vehicle (SULEV) Sentra in California. In November 2000, the Bluebird Sylphy's 1.8L QG18DE engine won Technology of the Year.