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Заводы-импортеры Nissan для России: Главное производство, находится в Японии. Завод Samsung, Южная Корея. Фабрика «Ниссан», Испания. Завод, который находится в Великобритании, а точнее в городе Сандерленд. Кроме этих 4 производств, других фабрик, поставляющих продукцию на отечественный рынок нету! Производство Nissan в России Начиная с 2009 года Ниссан собирают для автолюбителей в России на родной земле. Именно в этом году открылся завод, находящийся под Санкт-Петербургом, с характерным названием «Ниссан Мануфэкчуринг Рус». На нем организована сборка таких моделей, как: Teana, Murano и X -Trail.


In January 1968, the company's headquarters moved to a new building in the Ginza district of Tokyo. In the same year, the new Fairlady 2000 was launched on the market, which helped Nissan gain popularity in the international market. In 1969, the dynamic rear-wheel drive car Datsun 240Z appeared on the market, recognized as the best-selling sports car in the world in the 70s. 500,000 Datsun 240Zs have been sold in less than 10 years. In the early 1970s, Nissan was involved in the development and production of rocket engines and launchers, at the same time the company began to expand its manufacturing scope, also engaging in the production of engines for the shipbuilding industry.

For decades, the production of automobiles has moved in parallel with the tire industry. The rapid progress in the development of new technologies and materials has made it possible to create tires with different characteristics and purposes. One of these features of car tires is seasonality. Tires are divided into summer, winter and all-weather. Winter tires are designed to operate at low temperatures, so they are made from a flexible and soft rubber compound. The tread of such tires has a larger number of sipes (narrow slots in the tread pattern). Thanks to them, good grip with the road surface is ensured, which is especially important in winter on snow or ice.