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Nachdem Nissan seine Position nach der erzwungenen Stagnation des Zweiten Weltkriegs wiedererlangt hatte, erwarb es 1950 Anteile an Minsei Diesel Motor Co., Ltd. und unterzeichnete zwei Jahre später einen Vertrag über technische Zusammenarbeit mit Austin Motor Co., Ltd. (Großbritannien) und brachte ein Jahr später den ersten Austin vom Band. 1951 feierte Nissan die Geburt des Patrol, des ersten Allrad-SUV mit 6 Zylindern.


In 1953, the Nissan Motors Workers Union, a new trade union organization, was created. This Union set as its goal the creation of modern relationships between workers and managers, based on the principle of mutual trust and respect. In 1958 Nissan Motor Co. began exporting passenger cars to the United States. In September of the same year, two Datsun 210s took part in the Australian Mobil Gas Trial Rally, one of the most difficult rallies in the world, and won the championship title in their class. Nissan was the first automobile manufacturer in Japan, in 1960 received the tenth "Prize of the Year" for excellence in industrial engineering. And throughout this period, Nissan has persistently built a strong organization as the foundation for rapid and successful growth in the future.

"Firstborn" of the automotive department Formally, the brand was then called Toyoda. The name Toyota, familiar to us, appeared later. The first developments of the brand were a small A1 passenger car and a G1 truck. On the basis of them, in 1936, the serial production of the AA and AB models (differed only in body type) and the cargo AG starts. In the same year, Kiishiro received an export order from Northern China. The Chinese were very interested in the AG truck.