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Design Center In 1992, a special design center was opened in Munich (Germany), whose task is to ensure that future Nissan models correspond to European tastes and styles. Designers working at Nissan Design Europe can complete a project from concept sketches to full scale clay models, as well as all interior and exterior design, color design, spare parts and accessories design.


Суммарное производство достигло 50 млн автомобилей в январе 1990 года. В 1991 году в Великобритании была создана новая дистрибьюторская компания Nissan Motor (GB), Ltd. В 1992 компания Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corporation, USA начала производство автомобиля Altima (Bluebird), а Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. начала производить разработанный известным японским дизайнером г-ном Токуиширо Хосака (Tokuichiro Hosaka) автомобиль Nissan Micra (March), который сразу же получил европейскую награду «Автомобиль 1993». Автомобиль March завоевал премию «Японский автомобиль 1992-93 гг.» и «Новый Автомобиль 1992-93 гг.» в Японии.

The first pneumatic tire was invented by Robert Thomson. His 1846 patent contained a detailed description and purpose of the tire. According to Thomson, they reduced the traction force of the crew and, accordingly, reduced the noise level. Thomson's tire was a chamber and an outer covering. The canvas chamber was leaking rubber. The outer covering was made of leather. Robert Thomson developed a scheme according to which a metal dinner is fitted with a tire, and he (lunch) is upholstered around the wheel and consists of wooden spokes. But his invention did not gain popularity and after about twenty years the pneumatic tire was "invented again". The new author of the old idea was John Dunlop, who patented bicycle tires for his son's two-wheeled transport. At first, Dunlop's tube was similar in design to a soccer ball's tube, but progress and talented engineers contributed to Dunlop's entry into the top five tire manufacturers in the world. Tires from the pioneering company can be bought at the Tires Kyiv online store.