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In 1969, the dynamic rear-wheel drive car Datsun 240Z with independent suspension, front disc brakes and a 6-cylinder engine appeared on the market, recognized as the best-selling sports car in the world in the 70s. 500,000 Datsun 240Zs have been sold in less than 10 years. Sales increased year after year and by 1969 total exports had reached 1,000,000 vehicles. In early 1970, Lambda 4S-5 successfully launched Japan's first OSHIMI satellite. In those years, Nissan was involved in the development and production of rocket engines and launchers. In the same year, the company began to expand its production area, also engaging in the production of engines for the shipbuilding industry.


Car Toyoda A1 Kiishiro was already worried about the issue of uninterrupted supplies of the necessary raw materials and technologies to the plant. A number of separate companies were created that provided the automobile conveyor with metal and equipment. The only unresolved issue was the quality of the products. It did not reach the level of Europeans and Americans. To change the situation in the early 50s, it was decided to bring the brand to the American market.

1966 Toyota Corolla-Auto In den frühen 70er Jahren wurden die ersten Sportwagen in die Serie eingeführt - Celica 1970 und Supra 1978. Wie wir wissen, sind diese Autos heute Ikonen für viele Autoliebhaber. 1982 beginnt zusammen mit GM die Produktion von Corolla-Autos in Kalifornien. Dieses Ereignis hat wieder einmal deutlich gemacht, wie erfolgreich die Kaizen-Strategie ist.